Scary Creatures on Haunted Buildings

The Chatham Manor in Fredericksburg, Virginia has quite the history. Over two centuries old, the manor is a historic site seen by thousands of tourists annually; has been seen by numerous US presidents; and is haunted to this day by the ghost of a woman who  cannot seem to break the bonds of unrequited love, called The Lady in White.

Now located at 120 Chatham Lane, Fredericksburg, VA, Chatham Manor was built by William Fitzhugh, known for his school-mate and decent friend William Pitt, Earl of Chatham. It had been built upon a 1,280 acre plantation. The main building of the manor had 10 rooms, 5 of which have been restored and opened to the public. Other buildings included a dairy, barn, stables and ice house, mill, orchard, and a fishery a ways down the river. The plantation even had its own racetrack.

Fitzhugh was known to throw Extravagant parties for his or her guests. He considered himself to be quite the entertainer, and even supplied fresh caviar for his or her guests. No cost was too much for William Fitzhugh, which probably had something to do with his dwindling financial condition, no matter the highly successful plantation.

In an effort to break them Apart forever, her father sent her to America to remain at Chatham Manor. Unknown to her father, the young man followed her to America and secretly met her in the manor. They had been making plans to elope when a slave overheard their intentions.

The servant reported that the news to a different guest – not just any guest, but General George Washington himself. Washington was determined to put a halt to the elopement.

On the night they had planned to run away together and get married, the young woman climbed from her bedroom to find not her fan, but rather George Washington awaiting her. Nobody knows what happened to her lover, but Washington had her sent back to England where she had been forced to marry another young guy equivalent to her family’s prestige. Unable to forget her true love, she made a vow that she would go back to Chatham Manor annually on the anniversary of her passing.

She’s now called The Lady in white in most extreme haunted houses in Ohio. Many people to Chatham Manor have reported seeing her ghost, a spectral apparition in a long, white, colonial style gown emitting an eerie glow. The very first report of her ghostly appearance happened on the very day of her departure. She reappears every seventh year on June 21st, between 12pm and 12is, to take the ghost walk. She walks the path along the river to the place where she had been expected to satisfy her lover on this fateful night.

Through the Years, Chatham Manor Is rumoured to have been seen by numerous US presidents, including George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and James Monroe. Washington really visited on several occasions, as mentioned in his own written diaries.