Tarot card Test: What’s Your Tarot Card Court Individuality?

I utilized to create a lot of personality quizzes when I was contributing to teen magazines like Candy as well as Seventeen. I thought I would certainly review my test skills and also assembled this flowchart quiz for you.

Tarot card face card are a few of the trickiest parts of a deck to research. The Pages, Knights, Queens, as well as Kings of the different fits all reference various archetypes– many of whom we’re all accustomed to IRL.

Among the stumbling blocks of several beginners is believing that each Page, Knight, Queen, or King immediately has to represent a certain PERSON in a reading. Not real. To me, these different characters stand for different powers rather. A Page does not always need to be a young adult, as well as a King doesn’t have to be an old guy. Those definitions are way as well limiting, particularly if you intend on reading the tarot via a #practicalmagical lens.

To identify the energies of the court much better, I such as to think about them as individuals you fulfill in college or high school. The Pages have a fresh, ignorant, innocent power like freshers do. The Knights, like sophomores, have a bit of knowhow, and are worried about entering into their particular areas by doing something about it. The Queens, like juniors, are rather reputable as well as are excellent sources of guidance, care, as well as support from individuals around them. The Kings are the elders– they’ve got every little thing understood and also covered. They don’t necessarily represent actual individuals, yet the vibe or feeling a person releases.

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Research a lot more regarding the Court Cards making use of Practical Magic: A tarot reading Beginner’s Overview & Journal.

Study more concerning the Court Cards making use of Practical Magic: A Tarot card Newbie’s Overview & Journal.

Damaging down the court in terms of these 4 personalities is the initial step in learning the face card. After you find out just how to tell the difference in between each of these characters, you’ll be able to match them up with the various fits (Wands, Cups, Swords, and also Pentacles) as well as see exactly how they can come to be a lot more certain and also specialized.

And one of one of the most effective ways of learning what the tarot card court stands for is figuring out exactly how they reverberate with your personality.
I put together a flowchart quiz you can download and require to figure out which tarot archetype ideal matches YOU. Download it here.

One method to take your test result more is to see just how you symbolize your court power in the various facets of your life: what does it claim about your current energy degrees (Wands), your emotions and partnerships (Cups), your ideas and the means you interact them (Swords), and also how you react to your physical setting (Pentacles)?

Determining your character type as well as just how it fits or does not fit the locations of life illustrated by the Minor Arcana matches brings you one action better to discovering what these abundant as well as powerful archetypes mean.

I hope you found out something brand-new– both regarding yourself and the tarot card court through this test! Allow me know in the comments if you have any kind of questions:-RRB-.

As always, stay as safe as you can, and also I hope your tarot cards are providing you a bit of a respite these days.